The Process

Weaving a One-of-a-Kind Guitar Strap


Each strap is woven, one at a time, on a small “inkle” loom. Much like a painter sits down at a canvas with paints, my process is to sit down at the loom with colored yarns. Because of my spontaneous design process, each strap is woven in a unique pattern, created in the moment, using as many as twenty two hues. I start out with a pattern in mind, but I mix and move colors as I go, so that sometimes, it ends up quite different. Many things inspire my patterns and color combinations- almost anything that crosses my path and catches my eye.
I like to Play With Color!

I prefer to use natural materials for the guitar straps, because natural materials provide the best quality and feel. Cotton is what I use most often as it is a soft, strong, flexible and breathable fabric which makes for a very comfortable strap. A cotton strap will conform to fit your body without cutting into your shoulder, even during long playing sessions.
Sometimes I use hemp, or a hemp/cotton blend, recycled sari silk fabric, or recycled cotton/acrylic blend yarns. Occasionally, I recycle other things into my weaving, like cassette tape which adds a lot of sparkle, or old t-shirts cut into strips to make yarn.

The straps are finished with my own heavy die cut leather tabs which will not stretch or tear over time. For slide adjustment buckles, I chose to use black acetate rather than metal to protect your instrument from potential scratches or dings. The tabs and buckles are threaded onto the straps and hand sewn into place.

Your strap is handmade, start to finish, by my own two hands in my home near Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.