My weaving has introduced me to lots of great and talented folks! I am extremely grateful to the following artists who shared photos with me and gave permission for me to use them here.

Kate Vargas

“I’m seriously into this strap: the colors, the design, the feel of it. I originally contacted Annie because I wanted something from my home state to take with me on tour, but this strap has since become a bit of a rabbit’s foot for me. May seem silly to say about a guitar strap, but it gives me comfort!”

Amy Coffman,   The DustJackets

“I use the strap with this guitar for for writing & recording. I took this photo in Taos right after buying it to show how well it goes with the guitar. I love that strap so much!”

Amy Coffman's Guitar with Strap


Greg Glassman, Lone Piñon

“The mark of the hand. We live in a time enamored with cheap quantity, forgetting the discernment and value of true quality. It’s an honor to be able to don and enjoy your handwoven guitar strap, from right here in the east mountains of New Mexico. Wearing it is like receiving a gentle hug while playing guitar. The colors and pattern you chose present a beautiful and joyful utitlity.
Thank you for the perfect classical guitar strap.”














Jordan Wax, Lone Piñon

Jordan Wax playing mandolin with custom made strap















Jared Green, The Howlin’ Brothers













Zay Santos, ZSRock Revolt

Zay Santos and His Favorite Guitar Straps












Fred Bolton, Higher Ground Bluegrass

“I’ve had this one on my HD-35 for a while now.  I like it a lot.”











Mylo McCormick

“I use these straps on every single one of my guitars. They are withstanding the trials of heavy gigging, and I haven’t been let down yet.”

Mylo McCormick Playing Guitar